Recycling matters

We at Khanna Paper, are doing our bit for the environment by making recycled papers so that our environment sustains and the coming generations prosper.

Why Recycle?

From protecting forests to curbing climate, recycled paper use is essential for sustainability

We work on the fundamental of nurturing the communities where we live and work, so that the people we serve can have a brighter future. We deploy energy conservation alternatives in a way that not only drives operational efficiency but also minimizes the effect on climate. Adopting a go-green philosophy, we have struck a perfect balance between accrued efficiency and environmental protection.

Recycled paper production

emits 40% fewer
green house gases.


Protecting Climate

We are sensitized towards protecting climate shifts and therefore, endeavour to construct a concrete business model that isn’t just profitable, but catalyses environmentally responsible conduct. Every Khanna employee shares the same intent and works towards building a clean and eco-friendly environment for generations to come.

Efficient Power Consumption

With the zeal to enhance environmental welfare, Khanna Paper uses in-house power generation for its operations. We take utmost pride in contributing majority of power and steam demand of our production plant.

Recycled paper production

uses 26% less energy.


Recycled paper production

creates 43% less
waste water.


Methodical Use of Water

Water is a crucial part of the paper manufacturing process which is utilized at many stages. We have established a practice to re-use water multiple times in manufacturing of recycled paper. Also, we biologically treat the water at the mill before discharging it.

Recyling being the core objective of the company, we constantly thrive to achieve ways to further reduce our environmental footprint.