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Paperboard is (like paper) a 'vegetable-fibre web' formed from a water suspension. It is generally thick similiar in shape and composition to paper, but generally thicker, stronger, and more rigid. Paperboard can be made into a wide variety of items, including folding cartons, advertising displays, electrical insulators, and coasters.

Optic Graphic Grey Back

Optic Graphic Grey Back is a coated duplex board of high density made predominantly from recycled pulp. Owing to its heavy coating it is very glossy in nature with smoothness. Its high strength properties on printing & packaging machines makes it ideal for packaging needs.
Optic Graphic White Back

Optic Graphic White Back is produced from recycled pulp. Its heavy weight coating offers high bulk & superior strength-weight ratio. The top surface of white back gives better whiteness and a dust free surface for high efficiencies on printing and filling machines. This is ideal...
Absolute Folding Box Board
Folding Box Board is designed and made to a very close tolerance, especially for cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging requirements. Apart from superior smoothness levels, the board is designed to meet the demanding requirement in printing eight...