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"The future is not completely beyond our control. It is the work of our own hands."

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has acquired new dimensions in the recent years and has emerged as one of the best strategic path that most businesses can follow. CSR is all about taking good hearted investment and giving a social value to the business endeavors.

As CSR initiatives, Khanna Paper embrace its responsibility for the company's actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, team members, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere.

Khanna Paper has been imbibing the case for social good in its operations for decades in the mentioned domains.


With the purpose of improving, guiding, inspiring and educating the lives of girl child, Khanna Paper Mills Ltd. is the bleak future of underprivileged girl child. KPM, in collaboration with its team members, has tied up with local schools for education of young girl children. KPM takes responsibility for enrolling children in these schools and bears the cost of fees, uniform, books and travel and hence empowering girl child to be well-rounded productive member of society


In face of ever increasing urbanization, Khanna has always been alive to environment concerns. It is our intention to give back as much, if not more, as is being taken by planting trees to heal the mother Earth. Also, the landscaping, greening and maintenance of ‘Kitchlu Chownk’ (Amritsar) is indicative of our rigorous development initiatives in this regard.

Health care Services

Khanna Paper works relentlessly to ensure well being of its team members and community. Number of focused initiatives like Free medical camps, Health awareness camps have been implemented for overall health and wellness of our team members. We also run a Homeopathic clinic providing free homeopathy treatment.

Spiritual Growth

Khanna Paper Mills philosophy of “Healthy Soul in Healthy Body” drives it to hold religious get together and discourses in campus where every team member is encouraged to participate.